While there are other players in the streaming content space, it is the FOX product and content that differentiates FOX+ in the competitive content streaming business. We are not new in game for content or storytelling – it is in our DNA. On FOX+ we offer consumers the best content, binge watching capability and Live sports, including: – 6 of the top 10 Hollywood movies of the 2016 worldwide box offi ce – 8 of the top 10 Chinese movies of the 2016 Hong Kong box offi ce – 4 of the top 10 Most popular series (USA) – Back catalogue of the most popular TV series – Over 50 genres of programmes from hit dramas, romantic comedy and epic action to lifestyle and inspiring nature documentaries – Vast back catalogue of National Geographic content – Live sports from the biggest global sporting events We consolidate all of these offerings and present them in an on-demand format, so that our consumers can enjoy our shows anytime and anywhere.

How has the three-pronged approach – market partners and reach, features and content has contributed to FOX+ burgeoning success in Asia?

Zubin: There are two main pillars to our approach for FOX+: Content and the consumer experience. On the content side, we offer a variety including movies, Hollywood series, Live sports, Chinese content and documentaries amounting to over 11,000 hours of programming,

The consumer experience is across the entire journey and begins with working with local affi liates to offer a great experience to the end user. When we work with an affi liate, the app is integrated, priced and packaged across customer segments for ease of access.

We also ensure the product is served across platforms with the necessary VOD and Live features, including multi-profi le; resume function across devices; the download feature which completes an anywhere, anytime experience; multi-app language; multiaudio; subtitling across languages and importantly a 24 hour help desk with a customer service response via email / social and bots to respond quickly to customers.

It’s also crucial that our back end technology constantly optimises to serving faster and high quality content at various broadband speeds again toensure that our content is delivered in a manner we’d like our users to experience.

How extensive is the dubbing and subtitling involved? Zubin: Quite extensive dubbing and subtitling is generally involved. In all markets, the product features both dubbed and subtitled content. As we roll out in more markets, additional languages will be added but for now Traditional, Simplifi ed Chinese, Bahasa Malay and Thai Vietnamese are available for a number of assets along with the Taiwan product, which also offers sports in multi audio to suit the audiences.

Is the sports genre your X-factor in your offering? Do subs have to pay more to watch Live sports content?

Zubin: The sports offering on FOX+ is defi nitely one of our X-Factors and it comes at no extra cost to our subscribers. We offer an unrivalled selection of sports content from football and tennis to Formula 1 and fighting sports. What’s more, we offer this Live. Sports fans across Asia need not worry about missing their favourite team playing, they can access thematches and games on-the-go.

We are so committed to our sports offerings, that in September, we were the only content provider to make the Singapore Grand Prix available in 4K resolution, to enhance the sports viewing experience for our consumers.

What is the strategy – to flood FOX content across the region, forecast as a possible revenue stream or simply to be pertinent in today’s disruptive environment?

Zubin: At the end of the day, we are in the business of storytelling and our strategy boils down to our content. Fox+ is essentially an app but it is a multi-genre product that includes a variety of content – movies, Hollywood series, Live sports, Chinese content and documentary. With over 11,000 hours of programming, our content drives the momentum for our upcoming launches across markets.

With today’s disrupted environment, it makes absolute sense for us to embrace new technology and to provide consumers with a more convenient method to consume content – and that is what we plan on doing as we continue to roll FOX+ out across Asia.