Attracting fans with its wide range of content while featuring live broadcasts of artiste/key opinion leader (KOL), cook, beauty, dine, kids, travel and music – TVB is making the interests of the young generation as its top priority with the launch of big big channel (大台網). The new platform engages younger and internet-savvy viewers and creates more avenues for advertising revenue.

The ever – changing appetite of millennials for creative content is the main motivation for broadcasters like TVB to develop this new media platform. When young people become fans of a show, they want to engage with it on all platforms, from social media, discussion forums to other digital extensions of the content.

The waiting is finally over for millennials when big big channel was launched globally on July 23, 2017. Simply by downloading the app, users can interact with TVB artistes and key opinion leaders (KOL) by watching and commenting on their live broadcasts. They can attend fans meetings and even sing side-by-side with their favourite artistes. The app also gives the artistes an opportunity to interact with their fans intimately through different in-app functionalities. With big big channel, TVB is trying the best to optimize the digital experience for the users.

“It’s a skill set and becomes increasingly important.” Mr. Sherman Lee, Controller of International Business of TVBI said. “Nowadays young people are digital natives on all platforms. They want their content to be available whenever and wherever they want it – which means we have to make sure it’s well-ready on all platforms.”

The big big channel has taken a new approach compared to other sites: the platform encompasses live streaming, multimedia and social media into a one-stop entertainment platform. With more than 600 TVB artistes and KOLs from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Korea sharing their daily life, promoting upcoming programmes and behind-the-scenes stories through live broadcasting, big big channel gives audience a rich and innovative viewing experience.