VR Educate (VRE) has signed a franchising agreement with Mediaplex International of Thailand for four Asia markets, VRE announced at MIPCOM Cannes 2017.


The deal was signed for territories covering Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. VRE was incorporated in April 2016 and provides quality VR hardware, software, content and services to Asia students including Hong Kong and Macau, and expanding to China, Japan and now with Mediaplex International as their first franchisee. Mediaplex International is the leading content aggregators on OTT and DTH platforms in Thailand.


Ms. Lanny Huang, Founder/CEO of VR Educate said, “We are delighted to work with Mediaplex to launch VRE services to students in Thailand and other countries. Mediaplex will have a dedicated team to produce VR content and to provide VR educational services to schools and other learning institutions.


Mr. Joe Suteestarpon, CEO of Mediaplex said, “Mediaplex’s objective is to bring international premium contents to Thai audiences in potential platforms. Having learned a lot more about VR for a long while, we decided to be a partner with VR Educate to provide the students an opportunity to experience the world by simply use the VR equipment which will be one of the best edutainment tools in classrooms from now. What we need, beyond the business opportunity, is to enhance the educational system as it is the best fundamental for a better life”.