RT360, part of global television network RT, has partnered with VR Educate (VRE) to produce 360-degree VR content for the Asian market, as announced by VRE at MIPCOM Cannes 2017.


The agreement between VRE  and RT360 will see 18 virtual reality/360-degree videos, including “Antarctica 360,” “Space 360” and “Wingsuit flight 360,” as well as three upcoming productions focusing on cultural heritage and landmarks – all produced by the RT360 team, headed by Eduard Chizhikov –  added into VRE’s educational library.  VRE was incorporated in April 2016 and provides quality VR hardware, software, content and services to Asian students including those from Hong Kong and Macau, and expanding to China, Japan and Thailand.


Ms. Lanny Huang, Founder/CEO of VR Educate says, “We are happy to work with RT360. Their VR 360 videos will open up new horizons for digital-minded Asian students. As an addition to our VR content educational listing, they will bring new storytelling perspectives, from flying in the air or flying in space, to experiencing the land of glaciers.”


In 2015, RT became one of the first international media outlets to start producing news content in the immersive 360-degree format and now boasts one of the largest original 360 content libraries with more than 150 videos. In 2016, RT brought the world the first-ever panoramic images of Earth as seen from aboard the International Space Station. This October, RT presented the first-ever 360 video filmed in open space, taking viewers on an immersive spacewalk alongside the ISS with Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryazansky and Fyodor Yurchikhin. Both videos are part of RT’s Space 360 project, a collaborative effort between RT, Roscosmos State Corporation, and Energia Space and Rocket Corporation. RT’s 360 content is available on Facebook, YouTube and the RT360 mobile app (download at Google Play, App Store and Oculus Store).