Rabbit Films’ international team is heading to the South of France in 16th -19th October to attend the annual MIPCOM festival with 3 brand new original formats that includes the groundbreaking, the most talked about series The Ultimate Ocean Expedition.


InThe Ultimate Ocean Expedition six celebrities with no sailing experience are given a once in a lifetime challenge to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Week after week they learn how to sail, how to work as a team and how to fight the harsh ocean. But most of all they are on a journey of self- discovery, who they are and who they want to be as human beings.


In the factual Entertainment format Relatively Close, a famous parent-child hosting team gets personal with celebrities about their family life and gives a chance to close old wounds. The new Entertainment format The Unplugged Roadtrip takes one musician, one host and one comedian during the summer into unforgettable roadtrip with a retro-van. Along the way, they drop by their famous friends’ summer houses for 24 hours before they get back on the road.