Singapore – Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, announced that its first Korean Original variety show Busted! has commenced production in Korea. Netflix has teamed up with Company SangSang, Hyuk-Jae Jang and Hyo-Jin Cho, one of Korea’s most successful variety show producers who produced top variety shows including Running Man and Family Outing, on the variety show, which will launch globally on Netflix in 2018.


Busted! is an unconventional variety game show in which every episode features stars solving a mystery. It is also the first season-based variety show by Company SangSang.Busted! will feature a roster of talent comprising different personalities and backgrounds who will light up each episode with fun, surprises and pure suspense. The show will be filmed in various locations in Korea throughout the season.


“Busted! is a unique challenge that will combine the drama and variety genres, providing both suspense of a mystery genre and fun of variety shows. We are doing our best preparation, so please stay tuned,” said Producer Cho.