France – Italy’s largest media group Mediaset has now commissioned Armoza Formats’ long running factual entertainment format The Package, as well as hit game show Upgrade. Both shows will begin airing in November 2018.

The 6 episodes of The Package will air on female-oriented channel LA 5 under the local name Ti Regalo Una Storia. Upgrade will air 9 episodes on Italia1 and will be hosted by Italian celebrity Giulio Golia.


The Package (30’) is a format that brings people closer together by centering on a package, which is passed on from one person to another, forming a chain of givers and receivers. As the package makes its journey across the country, stories are told, friendships are rekindled, and confessions are made as each receiver in turn sends it on to someone who changed their life. Funny, romantic, emotional and exciting, The Package reminds us of the importance of all the connections in our lives. Aired in over 5 countries, The Package is Greece’s Alpha TV top show, with 13 seasons.