Toronto – Love Nature, home to the world’s largest library of 4K wildlife and nature content, and UK-based Plimsoll Productions announced that production has begun on Part II of its celebrated 4K natural history project, Camp Zambia. Following up on the incredible success experienced on this production, the camp is shooting 12 new hours of wildlife and nature programming in Zambia once again, then heading east to base themselves in Sri Lanka to create another 12 hours of new content. All 24 hours are scheduled for delivery in Summer 2018.

“Camp Zambia was truly one of Love Nature’s most innovative production partnerships, allowing us to create 50 hours of stunning 4K natural history series and documentaries, all delivered in house within two years,” said Ward Platt, CEO, Global Networks, Blue Ant Media. “Following up on all of its success, Camp Sri Lanka brings endless possibilities as we embark on a new production project that will see us producing new stories about the region’s extraordinary creatures and habitats.”