Singapore– Despite major growth in the number and range of legal online content choices available to them, recent studies have found Singaporeans to be among the top consumers of pirated online content around the world. A new consumer research study released by research company, Sycamore, at a CASBAA-sponsored event further examined online piracy behaviour within Singapore and found several striking trends


Almost half the population admit to having engaged in online piracy, with 39% stating they currently illegally stream or download movies, TV shows or live sports channels. Illicit Streaming Devices (TV boxes) are changing the face of piracy in Singapore, with 14% of Singaporeans admitting to currently using an illicit streaming device.


74% of active pirates recognise that accessing pirated content puts them at greater risk of getting viruses, spyware and other malware. In fact, the risk of malware was the primary reason (40%) cited by those who said they had stopped pirating for their change in behaviour, followed by recognition that there were now more legal options available (37%).


68% of Singaporeans recognise that pirating movies, TV shows or sporting events is stealing or theft, with almost a third agreeing that blocking of sites which profit from pirated content would be the most effective means of reducing online piracy.


The Sycamore study combined qualitative and quantitative methodologies. This included a survey of 1,000 respondents in Singapore, weighted to be representative of the population, plus a further 300 users of illicit streaming devices, to better understand the details of their behaviours.