Thailand-HOOQ, the largest Video on Demand service in South-East Asia, has just released its first ever Thai HOOQ Original movie, Saranair Love You, done in collaboration with Tech Digital Corporation, Thailand’s leading movie studio. Saranair Love You is a cinematic comedy, directed by Kiattisak Udomnak. It follows the adventures and misfortunes of two best friends, played by ‘Saranair Hen Phi’ star Willy McIntosh and ‘Sena Hoi’ Kiattisak Udomnak.

The plot centres around Willy and Kiattisak playing best friends, Rang and Peng, who after getting caught in a diamond heist goes on a whirlwind adventure to save their marriage, family relationships and even their friendship. At the same time, they are also trying to take revenge on their enemies and steal back their lost diamond, all while being tailed closely by a comedic cop duo who is just one step behind them.