POPS Worldwide and TV Asahi have announced their collaboration on the first official release of Doraemon animation series in the digital market in Vietnam. At the same time, POPS Worldwide has also announced that POPS Kids is the very first YouTube channel in the world to be authorized to release Doraemon series on this digital platform.

In order to bring to Vietnamese audience many interesting premium international content, POPS Worldwide has partnered with many worldwide entertainment companies such as Turner (part of Warner Bros and Discovery to release content for local audiences. And TV Asahi Corporation is the next international partner in POPS Worldwide’s strategy to bring world-renowned programs to Vietnam.


TV Asahi’s release of Doraemon animation series on POPS Kids can be said to be a big innovation with this animated series. In recent years, the exploding growth and significant revenue streams from digital market has made some big brands from TVs and media field such as TV Asahi, gradually step in. And their choice of partnership with POPS Worldwide in the first release of Doraemon series on POPS Kids partly reflects the growth of Vietnam’s digital market in Asia.