Parent brand: Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Sub or sibling brands: Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Turbo, Discovery Kids, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery Asia, Discovery HD World, DSPORT, Eve, Eurosport, Food TV, Eurosport News, Setanta Sports Asia

Ownership in Asia Pacific: Discovery Communications

Senior executive for Asia: Arthur Bastings, President & Managing Director, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Channel description: DMAX is the definitive factual entertainment destination for young men who live life to the max. From cars and combat to extreme antics and enterprise, the channel is designed for the infotainment junkie’s insatiable appetite for smarts, wit and adrenaline. DMAX is targeted at men aged 18-45, and offers viewers the opportunity to step out of their daily lives and go on a wild adventure – no matter what their passions are – turbo-charged rides, the great outdoors, technology, culture or treasure-hunting. TLC is a global lifestyle and entertainment destination, presenting non-scripted and scripted programming featuring real life stories and universal themes that resonate with viewers around the world. TLC’s programming is told through the lens of larger than life characters and adaptable formats, celebrating everything from relationships and life stages, to makeover and transformation to food and travel. Eve is a factual network that brings an unabashed female perspective of the world, showcasing a myriad of amazing stories from the lives of women today – from mums and mobsters to miners and millionaires. Eve empowers women by providing insight to a comprehensive range of topics that touch the lives of women everywhere, connecting them through content that features experiences and outlooks on parenting, careers, relationships, health, entertainment and more.

Scheduling policy: DMAX offers a mix of adrenalinecharged programmes for the young male audience with a thirst for adventure. Ranging from the great outdoors to turbo-charged rides and epic builds, there’s always something for the bros. TLC shares everyday heart, humour, hope, and human connections through genres that include fascinating families, inspiring journeys, gastronomical adventures, and life’s milestone moments. Home to one of the most successful reality formats Say Yes to the Dress, and global hits such as 90 Day Fiancé and Cake Boss, TLC brings viewers very real – and sometimes, very raw – stories about amazing individuals and extraordinary moments, told through unique experiences and authentic access. Eve is a factual entertainment network that captures the world through a woman’s lens. Eve showcases amazing stories from the lives of women today through programming genres including enterprise, relationships, family reality, babies and parenting, health and medicine.

Distribution in Asia-Pacific: DMAX: Reaches 3 million subscribers in Asia Pacific. TLC:Reaches over 171 million subscribers in Asia Pacific. Eve: Reaches 3 million subscribers in Asia Pacific.

Key carriage agreements in Asia: DMAX carried by key pay-TV operators in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. TLC carried by all major pay-TV operators Eve carried by key pay-TV operators in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Key tiers: DMAX: On the basic tier or relevant genre groups. TLC: On the basic tier or relevant genre groups. Eve: On the basic tier or relevant genre groups.

On-line, VOD, SVOD or Mobile deals: DMAX is available online and on VOD in select markets across Asia Pacific. TLC is available online and on VOD in select markets across Asia Pacific. Eve is available online and VOD in select markets across Asia Pacific.

Upcoming shows: DMAX: Inside West Coast Customs S5, Garage Squad 3, Americarna S4 TLC: The Kings, Say Yes to the Dress UK, Nate and Jeremiah by Design, The Great British Bake Off Eve: Out Daughtered Season S2, Long Island Medium Season S7, Skin Tight S2

Parent brand: Fashion One

Sub or Sibling Brands: Fashion One, Fashion One 4K, Fashion Television Ownership in Asia: Fashion One LLC

Senior executives for Asia: Gleb Livshits, Chief Operation Officer Gorden Li, Head of Marketing Michael Gleissner, General Counsel

Channel description: Fashion One is a global lifestyle and entertainment TV network for women, giving audiences the latest updates and exclusive interviews with designers and celebrities. From fashion documentaries to tips on how to achieve the latest look, Fashion One has the ultimate backstage pass to keep you looking your best. Being one of the most distributed special interest channels, our network reaches an audience of more than 400 million in more than 44 countries.

Scheduling Policy: Fashion One’s 24×7 programming is divided into two categories: core programming and original programming. The core programming primarily consists of content featuring the latest in fashion, entertainment, lifestyle news, profiles of A-list celebrities, luxury brands, holiday destinations and red carpet events. Fashion One’s original programmes include reality shows, documentaries, travelogues, entertainment news, health and wellness guides, lifestyle magazine shows and fashion feature stories produced by the network and is being scheduled in its primetime block.

Distribution in Asia: Fashion One and Fashion One HD is broadcasted across Asia through MEASAT. It also has localized feeds for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, with programs airing in Chinese language.

Key carriage and syndication agreements in Asia: Hong Kong – now TV, TVB Network Vision, MyTV Super Indonesia – Transvision, Skynindo, Sky LBS, Orange TV Korea – Fashion One 4K branded block on Skylife Macau – Macau Cable TV Malaysia – ABNXcess Mongolia – DdishTV, Univsion Myanmar – Skynet Taiwan – ChungHwa MOD, LTV

Recent and Upcoming Developments: 2016 and the start of 2017 has been generous for Fashion One. With the launch of the channel in DStv, GOtv and Kwese TV in Africa, Bouygues Telecom in France and Breedband Helmond in the Netherlands, the network was also able to launch the UHD channel, Fashion One 4K, with Total Play in Mexico as well as Tricolor and NTV Plus in Russia. Fashion One 4K branded block with Skylife in Korea and also made an exclusive content syndication deal in China, looking to launch the OTT service later this year. Fashion One 4K was also part of the SES and Verizon’s Ultra HD channels trial participants on its initial delivery to Fios TV subscribers.

Upcoming shows: Original Series: Stefanie’s Style Diaries Vancouver (2-part travelogue series), Design Genius U.K. (6-episode reality competition series), Design Genius Antwerp (6-episode reality competition series), The Campaign (6-episode reality competition series), No Grey Skies (6-episode reality series), Wardrobe Warriors (6-episode reality competition series), Fashion 24 Hours (5-episode docu-series). Fashion Specials: The Best of Seven, Catwalk Stories, Walk the Aisle, Trend Watch, On the Label: Designers/Brands, Shades of Summer, Lingerie Special, Top 5 Must Haves.

Parent brand: NBCUniversal International Networks

Sub or sibling brands: E!, E! Zone, E! Online

Ownership in Asia: NBCUniversal International Networks

Senior executives for Asia: Justin Che – Managing Director, Distribution & Networks, Asia-Pacific Christine Fellowes – Managing Director, NBCUniversal International Networks, Asia-Pacific Scott Mackenzie – Vice President, Channels, Asia Ling Sze Gan – Vice President, Affiliate Sales and Branded Digital Partnerships, Asia