BBC World News published a study on the value of news to pay TV subscribers across the APAC region. The research, titled ‘The Value of News– and the Importance of Trust’, shows that, despite the proliferation of digital news offerings, TV is still the most popular platform for staying up-to-date with international news (85%), followed by social media (76%), news apps (50%), websites (49%), newspapers (45%) and news aggregators (36%).

According to The Global Web Index,consumers’ use of digital news/social feeds compliments, rather than cannibalises, news consumption on pay TV. Online news consumers are four times as likely to watch international news** channels as those who don’t consume news online.

For those who use social media for breaking news, international news channels are the top alternate source for fact-checking, with 68% of respondents saying they do this, followed by international news websites or apps at 62%, national TV channels (57%) and national news websites (52%).