The AST Group, a leading global provider of satellite communications services and solutions, announces the launch of INTEGRA Control, which offers the first real-time application control for satellite communications; and the launch of INTEGRA Edge, a purpose-built hardware solution for maritime communications, which now makes it easy to manage traffic on board vessels. Both solutions enable users to block unwanted traffic to instantly save money and use their bandwidth more efficiently.

INTEGRA Control identifies individual applications being used over a satellite connection, including encrypted ones that bypass standard firewalls and present a cyber security risk. It allows customers to view their satellite IP traffic in real-time and set limits on the total monthly traffic volume and for each application category. Alternatively, customers can block some categories completely – such as gaming or social networking – and individual applications within these, to prioritise bandwidth for business-critical traffic. Detailed, real-time reports and alerts are based on IP packets as traffic flows rather than after a data session is finished, as is typically the practice. All AST customers will have access to INTEGRA See, a free breakdown of their traffic by application category and the top 10 individual applications used for each of their AST services during the current month.