Global TV operator SPI International / FILMBOX has launched eight channels on a Scandinavian IPTV platform operated by Kalejdo Bredband AB. The channels are offered as part of the MixBox package.

That includes two sports channels – FightBox HD and Fast&FunBox HD, a classic/independent movie channel FilmBox Art House, FashionBox – a network devoted to fashion and shopping trends, a documentary channel about nature and human civilization called DocuBox as well as 360TuneBox which presents independent and breakthrough musical artists from all over the world. Kalejdo also offers the following channels à la carte: 360 TuneBox, DocuBox, FashionBox HD, Fast&FunBox HD, FightBox HD, FilmBox Art House and two erotic channels – Erox HD, Eroxxx  HD.

“We are glad to start cooperation with Kalejdo Bredband AB as we are implementing our strategy to grow channel distribution in the Scandinavian TV market,” said Berk Uziyel, executive director of SPI International/FILMBOX. “The eight channels which we are launching in Sweden offer very diverse programming spanning from masterpieces of world cinema to live MMA events, Formula One, fashion shows, amazing wild life documentaries to a specially curated selection of music videos,”  Mr. Uziyel added.