How is CNBC performing above its competitors as a business amidst a very competitive broadcast news environment?

KC: Today, the media landscape is extremely competitive – everyone’s a publisher now. We have never been about quantity, we have focused on quality. Over the last 27 years, we’ve built a community of regular consumers who are passionate about our content and the CNBC brand itself.

By focusing on what we do best our audience continues to grow, both on TV and online. Why do we think that is? We truly believe people are looking for actionable business content that can help them make decisions in their day to day lives.

By delivering quality TV news and expanding our digital platforms we’re continuing our reach within the C-suite but also attracting a younger, aspirational audience that are coming to us to help them get ahead in their careers.

Tell us about CNBC’s initiative to accelerate digital growth and innovation. Why is this important and what does it entail?

KC: In 2016, CNBC International’s traffic was up 12 percent year-on year; unique visitors here in Asia were up 10 percent year-on-year and EMEA visitors were up 15 percent year-on year. When we look at the content people are consuming with us – they love our written news, but in 2016 digital video boomed. International video starts were up 28 percent year on- year last year.

We want our content to be best in class. We also want to broaden the type of content we’re creating. CNBC always has and always will be about the markets, but we want to deepen and broaden our coverage to geopolitics, tech, travel and lifestyle. In the US, we recently launched a website called “CNBC Make It”, which centers on aspirational content on topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship and personal finance. It’s really resonating with our domestic audience and we want replicate its success internationally.

A key part of this content drive will also be ensuring it’s optimised for mobile. In 2016, 38 percent of our uniques came from people accessing CNBC from their mobile. We recently promoted Michael Kearns who joined CNBC in 2010 as head of news and programming in Asia, to lead on these digital efforts.

CNBC’s financial results for last year in general, were strong despite difficult economic conditions in most of your territories. What were your strategies to sustain and emerge?