Berlin – International distribution and media agency Quintus Media will be unveiling several brand new documentaries such as The Greatest Crimes Of All Times!, Global Child TV and Remeasuring The World.Murders, kidnappings, extortions and hostage-takings: The Greatest Crimes Of All Time! documents crimes that attracted a lot of worldwide attention. Based on exclusive archive material, original recordings and interviews with investigators and experts the series sheds light on the worst crimes of all time with cases that shocked the world.

Produced by MAXIMUS FILM each episode showcases the world’s four severest, most popular and shocking cases in the specific crime subject. Viewers learn how the crimes were committed, where the motives of the offender lay, what fate the victim suffered, where the determining technical breakthroughs were and what ultimately happened to the offender up to the present day.

The travel and adventure series Global Child TV  features Augusto Valverde, once a top club promoter in Miami, who after a spiritual transformation began to dedicate his life to inspiring people, serving as a jail chaplain and motivational speaker. This young theologian and former NBC TV host sets out to explore the world, inspiring people with it’s incredible stories and adventures. He shares all this through a mixture of comedy, depth and a distinctive voice that makes Global Child very unique and a brand ambassador for millennial travel.