With a 5% increase of the market share compared to the channel slot average in the key demo (16-34), 5 Gold Rings lives up to the promise of becoming the iconic new game show. The app that lets viewers play along with the game during broadcast was also a great success with 107,000 players in the app, enhancing the viewers’ experience even further.

In 5 Gold Rings, hosted by Phillip Schofield, every pixel counts. Players get five rings to answer questions over five levels. A huge interactive LED floor projects amazing animated pictures that are the base of each question. Players need to put the rings on the correct answer, but the rings become smaller throughout the game, making it even more challenging – whilst the difficulty level of the questions remains the same. And with a unique connected gameplay, viewers have a mini version of the floor in the palm of their hands and can truly be part of the experience.

Co-created by Possessed, part of ITV Studios, and Talpa, it is the first format jointly developed by the two companies. I’s also on air in the Netherlands, on SBS6.