Romania: Tripled average share of Happy Channel!

Chile: Raised state broadcaster TVN’s rating from 4% to 11%!

Estonia: Massive increase on the channel’s average share!

Peru: By far the top performer in its time slot with ratings still on the rise!

Melek was a servant in the house of the Emiroglu family. She fell in love with the favourite son of the family, Kenan, and he returned her love. But Kenan’s evil mother never accepted her son’s choice of love and drives Melek away when she is expecting Kenan’s child. Melek feels she has no choice but to leave, and let Kenan think she has abandoned him. Little Elif is born while her unknowing father marries another woman. Melek starts a relationship with a new man, a hopeless, violent gambler who is planning to sell 5-year-old Elif to make up for gambling debts. Left with no other option to save her daughter, Melek visits the Emiroglu farm secretly, and leaves Elif in the care of an old friend in the household staff. When the Emiroglu family discover the little girl living on their farm, no one knows her true identity, nor the trouble that her reappearance will cause.