Singapore  – Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation’s animated series, Ejen Ali, proves to be a winning intellectual property in mobile space with the MATA Training Academy and Emergency mobile game apps, clinching four Gold and two Bronze awards at the regional Mob-Ex Awards 2017 organised by Marketing magazine.

MATA Training Academy won three Gold awards in the Best App – Creativity, Best App – Media Owner and Best App – Tablets categories as well as a Bronze award for Best App – Games & Entertainment category. Emergency on the other hand, won one Gold and one Bronze award for Best App – Games & Entertainment and Best App – Tablets respectively. Developed in partnership with Media Prima Labs, the awards celebrate excellence in mobile marketing products and campaigns, which promotes quality engagement with the audience in the increasingly connected world we live in today.

“This huge win at the Mob-Ex Awards is a solid validation that Ejen Ali is not just an animation that is well-received on TV but also translates excellently into the gaming platform. Such feat is vital for any content IP to be successful,” says Usamah Zaid, CEO of WAU Animation Sdn. Bhd.