Hulu Japan Chief Content Officer has been the driving force for the company and has established key partnerships with both content and device partners. He oversees all content related activities for the service including the production of original series, programming and operations. Besides his responsibility as CCO, he also plays instrumental roles in strategic planning and in overall business activities for the company. He gives K. Dass a health report of Hulu Japan.

Hulu Japan remade the German drama format The Last Cop. The production represents Hulu Japan’s first step into original content production. Remake rights were acquired by Nippon TV, the parent company of Hulu Japan, from Germany’s Red Arrow International. The deal was completed at MIP-TV market in Cannes.

The new version will star Toshiaki Karasawa as a detective who wakes in 2015 after being in a coma for 30 years. Hulu Japan aired the first season of the original German show with almost immediate.

We have also announced an original six-part drama Daisho (translation: compensation). Based on a novel of the same title by award-winning mystery writer Jun Ioka, the series focuses on the relationship of a hotshot lawyer (Shun Oguri) and a psychopathic client (Tsutomu Takahashi) — a former boyhood friend who occupies a dark chapter in the lawyer’s past.

This is an important new phase for Hulu, providing our users with an even greater range of entertainment content. We are planning to premiere more foreign content on our service and we look forward to producing more original remakes of foreign shows and collaborating with the terrestrial broadcast business to maximise each show’s value. The Last Cop is produced by ITV Studios Germany, and is SAT.1 Germany’s most successful crime series. It is distributed by Red Arrow International as both a scripted format and a finished program. We have 50% domestic and 50% international content. We started producing our own regional content 3 years ago and right now we are producing 10 shows per year, the number of episodes ranges about 50-100. We are mostly producing scripted dramas with some variety as well.