London – Pay-TV operators can no longer simply rely on the strength of their content offering to maintain subscriber loyalty but must raise their customer relationship management game to gain ground in an increasingly competitive marketplace, new global research from subscription, billing and CRM specialist Paywizard shows. The survey of more than 6,200 consumers reveals 24% have cancelled a digital pay-TV service in the previous 12 months because of poor customer experience, while 84% say they would terminate a relationship with a TV provider if service and support were lacking and the company seemed out of touch with their needs.

The survey, which includes findings from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States, also reveals 46% of consumers have retained a digital pay-TV subscription they might otherwise have cancelled because of positive customer experience. The findings show younger consumers place greater value on customer experience when it comes to sticking with a provider, as 57% under age 35 say this has been a factor in keeping a service over the past year.

Bhavesh Vaghela, Paywizard’s Chief Marketing Officer, says, “We are seeing a fundamental shift taking place in the pay-TV marketplace, with customer experience emerging as critical to television service providers’ success – in many cases, their very survival. While content and cost are often cited as the elements influencing pay-TV uptake and cancellations, the survey findings demonstrate that customer experience has undeniably emerged as a major driver. This is particularly true for operators of over-the-top (OTT) services, as simply relying on a decent content offering is no longer nearly enough to build loyalty to your brand.”