Rave is a social viewing app that allows users to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Dropbox, Google Drive, and now Viki, while communicating with friends in real time via text or voice message.  The company’s technology provides a millisecond-precise video sync, enabling users to create impromptu speaker systems.  Now, Rave and Viki have combined technology and entertainment to offer a dynamic social experience for its users. “We’re very excited to see people from around the world enjoy Viki’s global video catalogue together,” says Rave co-founder Michael Pazaratz.

Rave, based in Waterloo, Ontario, allows users to select video content and create a private rave with friends, or connect with people around the world through a public rave. Viki users will be able to access Rave through the site’s mobile app, and vice versa.  “Often, who you’re watching with is just as important as what you’re watching,” says Pazaratz.