The seat of the 12th Duke of Devonshire and home to the Cavendish family since 1549, Chatsworth is where the past and present co-exist, with a collection at once steeped in history and forward-looking.  At Chatsworth, visitors encounter works by Da Vinci and Damien Hirst, breath-taking monumental sculpture, cutting-edge portraiture and remarkable design pieces. The legacy of commissioning inspiring contemporary pieces lives on.

Sotheby’s 13-part series, presented by Huntsman and produced by Chrome Productions, explores the diverse works of art in the Devonshire Collection with insight into their history and significance from the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, curators, keepers and contemporary artists such as Michael Craig-Martin and Jacob van der Beugel.  Each work of art tells a very human story, revealing the ongoing inspiration and legacy that lives on at Chatsworth. Please see the full list of episode synopses below with corresponding release dates.

The Duke of Devonshire said, “This film series provides new insights not just into Chatsworth but collecting art and the extraordinary process of working with contemporary artists – something that not only gives me great pleasure but is of great significance to the present and future of Chatsworth. Chatsworth and Sotheby’s has a history of its own when it comes to art, having hosted Sotheby’s monumental sculpture exhibition Beyond Limits here in the grounds of Chatsworth for over a decade. We’re absolutely thrilled to be collaborating on a further exciting and unexpected way for a house such as Chatsworth to share its art with the public. I enjoyed being involved in the making of this series immensely, and hope you’ll enjoy the results.”