Berlin – Quintus Media is pleased to announce a number of sales with content from independent German TV production company MAXIMUS FILM GmbH. The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) network has acquired Season II of documentary series The Most Dangerous Ways To School (5 x 48’) – and Iplanet, Entertainment Inc., South Korea has picked up both Seasons I and II.

Facing the most extreme conditions – marching, climbing or swimming, the children in The Most Dangerous Ways To School fear neither brutal cold nor dangerous terrain.  They face wild animals, climb up mountainous paths; fight their way through icy wastelands or under the merciless sun of the desert.  They persevere through all this with only one goal in sight: a better life.  These children have the most spectacular and most dangerous ways to school in the world. The series captivates through a unique mixture of stunning scenery, enormous struggle and danger coupled with childlike curiosity, happiness and inquisitiveness.  Everyday routine meets the spectacular taking viewers on an adventure to some almost impossible to reach destinations where the students navigate the narrow path between survival and the thirst for knowledge.