3amigonauts_19 Story Media Group

Title: 3 Amigonauts

Episodes: 52 x 11’

Genre: Animated Comedy

Synopsis: Set in Earth’s far-flung future, 3 Amigonauts is a rocket-paced comedy about three bumbling buds who attend the solar system’s most prestigious space academy. Life is one big party for these delightful dingdongs as they super-size the smallest tasks into madcap intergalactic adventures!

Title: Peg + Cat

Episodes: 130 x 12’

Genre: Animated Preschool

Synopsis: A six-time Emmy award-winning preschool series that follows an adorable spirited little girl, Peg, and her sidekick, Cat, as they encounter unexpected problems that require fun and creative solutions. In order to solve the problems, Peg and her cat must add, subtract and apply basic arithmetic. Their adventures demonstrate that it’s never too early to start learning the magic of numbers.





Title: Undercover Boss

Synopsis: Undercover Boss follows high level corporate executives as they take the extraordinary step of going undercover in their own companies to ensure that they are fighting fit for the future. They discover what needs fixing, who deserves praising and who needs a wakeup call. In the process, these senior executives learn about themselves, the perception of their company, and the spirit of their work force.

Title: Kitchen Nightmares

Synopsis: A leading restaurateur provides emergency restaurant rescue with a unique combination of practical insight and compelling entertainment. A unique combination of practical insight and compelling entertainment, offering a fascinating look at the ins and outs of the restaurant business, revealing the secrets to success for running a profitable restaurant. By turns exciting, moving, surprising and inspiring, this series reveals that even the most disastrous situation can be turned around.

Title: Gogglebox

Synopsis: Funny, poignant, controversial and current, Gogglebox goes beyond a TV review show, provoking conversation not only about what’s on the screen but also what’s happening in our viewers’ lives.




Title: Sweetheart in Your Ear

Episodes: 12 x 60′

Genre: Reality

Synopsis: Sweetheart in Your Ear is a dating show driven by technology to combat the hectic pace of modern society. In this reality dating show, four celebs get the opportunity to speak with three mysterious sweethearts about their deepest feelings and desires for the duration of the phone’s battery. To help get to know one another, the prospective couples exchange photos, videos, texts, and, most importantly, a sense of intimacy.

Title: Produce 101

Episodes: 11 x 70’

Genre: Reality

Synopsis: A girl group survival show featuring 101 trainees competing for 11 spots. To make the group, the girls must receive the most votes from viewers who not only see how the girls perform on the big stage, but also how they train. Each episode culminates with the girls taking their position on the incredible triangular set.



Title: Rich in Love (Silvana Sin Lana)

Episodes: 121 x 60’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Silvana, who was previously affluent and lived a life of commodities, now struggles on her own to provide for her family in a new and humble neighborhood. Here, a special neighbor will help her get by; consequentially, he’ll also show her the true meaning of love.



Title: La Doña

Episodes: 120 x 60’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: La Doña is a story of passion, revenge and ambition, in which a heartless woman will be forced to face feelings she had long forgotten: love for her estranged daughter and love for a good and honest man.

Title: Without Breasts There Is Paradise (Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso)

Episodes: 90 x 60’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: A young woman will fight to defy the curse her family has suffered for many years since her deceased sister left their lives, with the goal of getting ahead without the need to sell herself to a society with damaged values.

 Team in purple/white in tug of war at Braemar Highland GamesDW

Title: Need to Compete

Episodes: 6 X 30’
Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: Discover traditions like the Highland Games, where Scottish clans see who can heave massive logs the farthest. Experience the brutal 16th-century gladiator tournament in Italy, Calcio Storico Fiorentino, where teams battle on a public square in a sport that combines rugby and street fighting. But there is more to competition than just feats of strength and endurance.

Title: Greed

Episodes: 2 x 45’

Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: This documentary goes inside greed and asks questions about human nature in an age of consumption and competition. It raises the questions on how humans get greedy and whether it makes sense to be greedy.

tomorrow-whwne-the-war-began-copy-2 Escapade Media

Title: Tomorrow When the War Began

Episodes: 6 x 60’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Tomorrow when the war began, where Escapade holds Asian Rights, is a coming of age drama with strong international appeal. Based on the best-selling novels of John Marsden, ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ is a high-energy dramatic action series about a group of young friends overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and discovering that in order to save the things they hold most precious they must be prepared to sacrifice everything, Tomorrow When the War Began.


Title: JC Tha Barber

Episodes: 13 x 30’

Genre: Entertainment

Synopsis: JC Tha Barber follows celebrity Pilipino barber JC Hammons into the homes and dressing rooms of today’s hottest stars from the world of film, hip-hop, and professional sports. JC balances his life as businessman and friend to hip-hop and the NBA’s elite stars while raising two beautiful girls and putting their needs above all others.


 oh-my-mamaGMA Worldwide

Title: Oh My Mama

Episodes: 45 x 45’ (approx.)

Genre: Melodrama

Synopsis: Gordon has raised Maricel since she was a baby because her mother, who was Gordon’s best friend, passed away. One day Maricel discovers that Gordon is not her real father. Oh My Mama surrounds the question of whether Maricel will find out the truth about her father and how she will protect herself and save the dozens of children kidnapped by the syndicate.

Title: Someone To Watch Over Me

Episodes: 45 x 45’ (approx.)

Genre: Melodrama

Synopsis: After several heartbreaks, Joanna meets TJ and fall in love. When they get married they become even more joyful when Joanna gives birth to a healthy baby boy. However, TJ begins to exhibit severe memory loss and disorientation, the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. She continues to care for him, but how long can she bear the pain of watching her husband lose his memory and love another.


Stimelessony Pictures

Title: Timeless

Episodes: 16 x 60’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Timeless follows a group of unlikely heroes thrust into the adventure of their lives. Chasing a mysterious group of criminals through time and encountering some of the most seminal moments in history, the group attempts to thwart a dark conspiracy that is a threat to all of humanity.




Title: The Halcyon

Episodes: 8 x 60’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: The Halcyon is the story of a bustling and glamorous five star hotel at the center of London society and a world at war. Set in 1940, series shows London life through the prism of war and the impact it has on families, politics, relationships and work across every social strata, set to a soundtrack of the music of the era.


tag Televisa

Title: The Assembly Game

Episodes: 56 x 30 – 45’

Genre: Game Show

Synopsis: The zaniest assembly line on TV has arrive, The Assembly Game. Tighten, fit together, assemble, answer and win on the first game show on which claiming the star prize will take not only knowledge but also work.





Title: Los Gonzalez

Episodes: 26 x 30’

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: The first TV series that jokes about real hidden cameras. In 2015 the rules of comedy will change. A format that mixes fiction and reality is coming son, a family that is not real, but behaves as if it were when they go out to perform hidden camera pranks with real victims.


in-betweenITV Inter Medya Ptd

Title: In Between – Fatih Harbiye

Episodes: 126 x 45’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Neriman is a young traditional woman who lives with her father Faiz and her aunt Gülter in the suburbs. Şinasi known as the educated, decent young man, proclaims his love for Neriman at every chance he gets. The relationship of Şinasi and Neriman who grew up together and who are expected to get married starts to crack up. Şinasi’s attitude to an unfortunate event causes Neriman to start questioning their relationship.


Title: Endless Love

Episodes: Season: 1 – 14 x 45’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: From a middle class family, Kemal’s only aim in life is to make a living and survive. It’s his senior year as a mine engineering student. A rational in life, he doesn’t believe in miracles, especially those related to love. But his world turns upside down when Nihan comes into his monotonous life. From a wealthy family, Nihan lives in an affluent area of the neighborhood. However, she finds herself removed from the values of her environment and distant to her own world.


welcome-to-the-wild-amazonKeshet International

Title: Welcome to the Wild: Amazon

Genre: Adventure Reality

Episodes: 22 x 75’


Synopsis: Welcome to the Wild: Amazon sees 18 contestants enter the world’s largest and most extreme jungle, to undergo a thrilling cross river competition, each one determined to be the first to emerge on the other side as a winner.


Title: P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke (Prisoners of War India)

Genre: Action Drama

Synopsis: P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke (Prisoners of War India) is a drama about three Indian soldiers who were captured seventeen years ago while on a mission with their unit in the Kargil conflict in Kashmir.  The story begins with their return home, after years of negotiations for their freedom.  Two soldiers return home to India alive, the third comes home in a coffin.  However a secret investigation is also unfolding about the truth of their capture and any discrepancies in their stories.


Title: Boxed

Genre: Docu-Reality, non-scripted

Synopsis: Boxed is a social experiment in human conflict resolution. Two people in serious dispute embark on a social experiment in human conflict resolution in this innovative, highly relatable format featuring real disagreements, real mediation, and real solutions. With the help of a professional mediator, it is a question whether they are able to find a way out.

shakti_1x1_presentIndiacast Media Distribution


Title: Shakti

Episodes: 115 X 30’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Shakti is the story about Soumya an innocent girl who craves for her father’s love since childhood. Unaware that the father had tried to kill her when she was born, Soumya is always perplexed as to why her mother is constantly trying to protect her from her own father. It is a story of a younger sister fighting for the rights and acceptance of her older sister.


Title: Devanshi

Episodes: 30 X 30’

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: This series charts the journey of a young child named Devanshi, who due to fate’s play ends up being falsely projected to the society by her adoptive mother as a Devi (Goddess) with supernatural powers. Her adoptive mother thrives on the simple mindset of the people and their naivety, thus fooling them and extorting money out of them.




Title: Make My Body Better

Episodes: 4 x 60’

Genre: Factual

Synopsis: Make My Body Better is an audacious and informative health series that follows extraordinary personal stories of determination, transformation and triumph alongside revelatory, experimental group stunts. Bigger plans are revealed with seemingly impossible jaw-dropping final challenges devised for the contributors, which will test them and the success of their treatment, to the utmost.


Title: Bizarre ER

Episodes: 10 x 60’

Genre: Factual

Synopsis: Bizarre ER offers an insight into human fallibility and our relative indestructibility, paying tribute to the medical staff left to cope with the most testing situations with unflinching professionalism and good humour. Filmed over several months in Accident& Emergency wards, this series reveals extraordinary, often shocking real life cases from admission through to treatment and discharge.




Title: Thomas: Journey Beyond Sodor

Episodes: 1 x 70’

Genre: Animation

Synopsis: Join Thomas and his friends in this exciting adventure to the mainland that shows us friendship is more important than being the favourite engine. The animation questions how Thomas and the new experimental engines save James and help bring him back to the Island of Sodor.

Title: Thomas & Friends: Series 21

Duration: 13 x 11’

Genre: Animation

Synopsis: Thomas and his friends are back and Hugo the mysterious “engine of the future” has joined the team, bringing speeds never seen before to the Island of Sodor. Thomas also builds friendships with Hannah, a breakvan who loves to go as fast as possible. With stories of friendship at the core of the series, Thomas and his friends experience some of the biggest crashes, fastest races and most thrilling adventures yet.

Title: Barbie Dolphin Magic

Duration: 1 x 60’

Genre: Animation

Synopsis: Barbie and her sisters visit Ken at his summer internship where he works at a coral reef researching dolphins.  The sisters are encouraged to learn more about preserving the coral and all the sea life that lives there. That’s when they meet Isla, a mysterious new friend who’s also on a mission to save the coral. It is revealed that Isla is really a mermaid and she needs the help of Barbie and her sisters, and the gemstone dolphins to save the day.


Title: Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures

Duration: 26 x 22’

Genre: Animation

Synopsis: Barbie and her fun-loving sisters, Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper take you on their wild adventures in a new animated comedy series.  From their Dreamhouse in Malibu to escapades around the globe, they navigate life’s ups and downs with plenty of laughs, musical numbers, and just enough sparkle and fantasy that will have every girl believing that anything is possible.

Title: Barbie Dreamtopia

Duration: 52 x 11’

Genre: Animation

Synopsis: Enter a world of fantastical adventure with Mattel Creation’s newest preschool animated series. Barbie’s youngest sister, Chelsea, takes us on a fantastical journey to the land of her dreams.  Together with their friends, Chelsea and Barbie embark on amazing adventures as they explore exciting new lands full of limitless possibility and important life lessons.


Title: Turning Mecard

Duration: 52 x 30’

Genre:  Animation


Synopsis: Turning Mecard enables kids to discover a new world through magical transformation, building friendship and fighting for good. Chan, our protagonist meets and bonds with Evan, a real living minicar that transforms into a creature called ‘Mecanimal’ and they both need one another to find missing family members. They meet other Mecard Warriors and discover new Mecanimals with incredible powers and learn to defy evil in order to protect the world.


dance-floor Mediacorp

Title: The Dance Floor

Episodes: 10 x 46’ & 1 x 94’ (Finals)

Genre: Talent Reality

Synopsis: This is a talent reality show which showcases some of the best and most sophisticated dancers in Singapore. 24 outstanding groups will be selected during a ground event audition and put through the grueling contest. Only ten groups will proceed to the finals. The finals are made exciting with different themes for each round to test the contestants not just on their skills but also their creativity. Renowned international dance instructors are invited onto the show to judge with the local resident panel.

Title: First XI

Episodes: 9 x 46’

Genre: Sports Reality

Synopsis: Blood, sweat and tears, all real, and all par for the course as this football reality series kicks off. Ex-Liverpool and ex-England international Steve McMahon, and ex-Singapore international R Sasikumar has only one task – to mould a squad comprising some of the best amateur players in Singapore, and turn them into professionals through vigorous trainings.

Title: Don’t Forget to Remember

Episodes: 23 x 46’

Genre: Gameshow

Synopsis: This is a gameshow made up of a series of games to test observation skills, attention to detail, and the powers of recall. Three teams of two players will pit their memory skills against each other to win the most cash prizes and a chance to play Bonus Round Four. But there is a twist in this bonus round, play as a team and stand to win $5000 or select one member to play and win a bigger prize of $10,000.



Title: Kid Diners

Episodes: 13 x 30’

Genre: Travel, Reality, Kids

Synopsis: Kid Diners is a wild and crazy tour of unique dining experiences from the perspective of two kids who love to eat. In each episode, our kid hosts each explore a different restaurant in a new city. One visits a casual place, while the other host explores a fine dining restaurant that most kids would never think to try. From going inside the kitchen with top chefs to tasting their ultimate creations, these kids know how to have fun with food.

Title: Droned

Episodes: 10 x 30’

Genre: Reality

Synopsis: Droned follows a family owned drone customization and aerial filming company, called Pigeon Vision whose business gives them access to innovative technology, high end celebrity clients and travel adventures in amazing locales. The series follows the eccentric, adrenaline junkie team as they bring tomorrow’s drone technology to use today.


orphan-blackBBC Worldwide

Title: Orphan Black

Episodes: 5 x 45’, over 5 series

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Sarah is a troubled streetwise outsider who witnesses an eerily lookalike stranger committing suicide in front of her. This gave her an opportunity to assume the dead woman’s identity by clearing out her bank account. However, she uncovers that she is a clone and there are more like her out there but there is someone who’s trying to kill them.

Title: Stupid Man, Smart Phone

Duration: 60 mins

Genre: Factual Entertainment

Synopsis: A city-dwelling comedian attempts some of the world’s toughest outdoor adventures, with only his mobile phone. Each episode, a young internet star who can consult a huge online fanbase joins the comic. Heavily relying on their followers to help complete the task and facing the worst possibilities, they use every app, website and social media platform possible to seek advice.


Title: The Great Bake Off

Duration: 60 mins

Genre: Factual Entertainment

The Great Bake Off is an exciting nationwide search to find and crown the best amateur baker. Each week passionate bakers are put through challenges to test every aspect of their baking skills. This competition format allows the amateurs to push to their limits as they attempt to impress the judges and ultimately bake their way to the final.



Title: Space Racers Season Two

Episodes: 40 x 11’

Genre: Animation

With new characters, including brash transfer student Kite and young Merlin, a rocket born with one short wing, Space Racers explores emotional issues including bullying and growing up with physical challenges, as well as continuing to show young viewers the power of scientific investigation and the wonders of space exploration in a fun and engaging way in the new season.


Title: Bottersnikes & Gumbles

Genre: Animation

Episodes: 52 x 11’

Synopsis: New award-winning CGI animation for 6-9 year olds, Bottersnikes & Gumbles follows the adventures of three young Gumbles, who love nothing better than to ‘gumble’ all day long, which means crazy, stretchy capers around their junk valley, while carefully avoiding getting tin-canned by their lazy, grumpy neighbors the Bottersnikes. Produced by CAKE, Cheeky Little Media and Mighty Nice, Bottersnikes & Gumbles won this year’s Pulcinella Award for Best Kids TV Series at Cartoons on the Bay, and is airing on CBBC in the UK, Seven Network in Australia and internationally on Netflix in 17 languages.

Title: Piggy Tales: Third Act

Episodes: 35 x 1’25

Synopsis: Following the success of The Angry Birds Movie, come two new series starring the new look Piggies from the feature film. Piggy Tales: Third act sees the pigs act out their trademark antics paying tribute to the classics of stage and screen.

Title: Piggy Street

Episodes: 30 x 1’25

Synopsis: Piggy Street takes place on a street corner in Pig City and sees our loveable pigs in everyday life situations. Original series Angry Birds Toons, Angry Birds Stella and Piggy Tales air in over 200 territories. Key broadcasters in Asia including Netflix, GMA Network Philippines, Global TV Indonesia and Yo-Yo TV Taiwan in Asia. All content is non-dialogue.

Title: Tolibob

Episodes: 52 x 5’

Synopsis: Inventive, interactive and inspiring, brand new pre-school show, Tolibob, follows a group of young creative creatures called the Tolibobs. Tib, Lalloo and Bobble live in a big forest where they work together combining shapes, colours and patterns to create new characters, who join in with the fun! Commissioned by CBeebies in UK and ABC in Australia, Tolibob was created and developed by BAFTA and British Animation Award-winning director/producer Steve Smith (Beakus) to encourage creative play in young children.

Title: My Knight and Me

Episodes: 52 x 11’

Synopsis: A medieval comedy for kids 6-11, My Knight and Me stars loyal, street-smart Jimmy the Squire; his best friend fun, daring Cat the Princess and his father Henri of Orange, a charmingly inept but passionately chivalrous knight who might not be the most efficient protector of the realm but he sure is the funniest.

Title: Ready Jet Go!

Episodes:  128 x 11’ & 44’ Special

Synopsis: Hit animated space-themed series, which follows Jet Propulsion, the new kid in town and an alien from outer space, and his Earth friends, Sean and Sydney. Together, the trio sets out on astronomical adventures exploring the solar system and how it affects Earth, while learning about friendship and teamwork along the way. With entertainment, music and physical and character-based humor, Ready Jet Go! was created by Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!, Dinosaur Train) for PBS Kids in the US and is aimed at 3-8 year olds.


insiderEccho Rights

Title: Insider

Episodes: 108 x 45′

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Just as he is to graduate from the police academy, Sarp is assigned to infiltrate the mafia synficate run by the mob boss, Celal Karabas. Getting deeper into Celal’s world, Sarp also finds himself developing feelings for the mob boss’s protege, Melek. She was taken in off the streets as a small child by Celal, alongside a little boy, Mete. Mete is now embarking on his own mission for Celal; to get inside the police force.

Title: Brave and Beautiful

Episodes: 103 x 45′

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Tahsin is head of the Koroglu family, a powerful man but with feuding children. Fearing that she will lose out on inheriting the family fortune, his son’s wife plots to kill Suhan his beloved daughter, but at the last minute a mysterious and handsome stranger appears to save her life, and steal her heart. But was it a coincidence that he turned up when he did or was it all part of a bigger plan…?