Cinegy announced that it will make its Inter BEE debut in Tokyo where it will introduce the latest solutions for getting multiple channels on air, including in 8K. Cinegy will showcase the latest advances in its Daniel2 codec, the world’s fastest codec and the core of Cinegy’s production suite, which can empower users to take their first steps into 8K production. Daniel2, originally designed for high-end NVidia graphics cards, also now supports standard SDI cards from vendors such as AJA and Deltacast.


Cinegy CTO and Co-founder Jan Weigner said, “While 4K rapidly gains acceptance as a consumer standard,  8K productions are also well underway, particularly in Japan, with trials and firm roll-out dates already announced. However, to make 8K acquisition, production, and ultimately distribution economically viable, broadcasters need to understand how existing GPUs running on standard IT hardware can easily handle 8K, or even 16K, media workflows, all of which we will discuss at Inter BEE 2016.”