Sports reality program in HDR

The 30//10 Challenge the first sports reality program in HDR on INsight TV.

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Hilversum – Insight TV commissions the first sports reality program filmed in HDR. The channel, known for real and adventurous Ultra HD programming featuring INspirational people and INcredible stories, has pushed the boundaries again by shooting and broadcasting the high octane action program The 30//10 Challenge in HDR.


This gives the viewers the most in-depth visual experience possible from actually performing the stunts themselves. The show is scheduled to premiere on INsight TV in 2017.


Two best friends, thirty days, ten stunts, The 30//10 Challenge is an adventure stunt series that follows action sport athletes Sam Hardy and Nathan Jones on their journey to create and complete ten unique challenges over the course of thirty days. They will be joined by legendary wingsuit pilot and cameraman Espen Fadness, who will attempt to capture it all with a state of the art camera mounted to his helmet.

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