London – To stem customer attrition Pay-TV operators today have to ensure they move beyond simply providing a good service and collecting payment, and instead use insights gleaned from subscriber data to pre-empt customer defections and even win back those who have already left, according to a new research-based whitepaper from Paywizard.

In the paper, entitled Seize the Moments: Easy Exit, Welcome Return, Paywizard demonstrates that increasingly pay-TV customers are demanding a better experience at each of the key decision moments along their subscriber journey – including the leave and win back phases of the customer lifecycle.

The report highlights the need for pay-TV providers to dig deep into their subscriber data to establish the type of proactive customer relationship management (CRM) that prevents wavering clients from leaving and arms operators with the business knowledge necessary to woo back those who insist on terminating service. To show exactly how to achieve this, Paywizard will be at IBC 8-12 September to demonstrate how a subscriber management relationship platform enables operators to respond more effectively at each decision moment.

The Paywizard study, which compiled results from a series of focus groups conducted in partnership with research firm Decipher, reveals that if pay-TV providers effectively manage consumers in danger of leaving – or those that have already left – the relationships remain salvageable.

Feedback from participants in the study demonstrated clearly that actions aimed at preventing customer dissatisfaction, maintaining loyalty and treating subscribers as valued clients went a long way toward stemming churn; and providing fair, straightforward and amicable leaving processes often encouraged those who did leave to eventually return.