“Busan Contents Market is celebrating its 10th Anniversary that first started as a small digital content gathering. As its first chairman, I like to thank and congratulate all members of the organising committee and the participants who have continued to support BCM all these years. I’m also pleased to be part of the 10th BCM this May 2016. I wish Busan Contents Market every success.”

-Joon-young Park

Former Chairman of BCM Executive Committee, Busan Contents Market


“Sincere congratulations from SBS Media Group to BCM on its 10th Anniversary. For the last 10 years, BCM has accomplished an outstanding success in becoming Asia’s representative broadcasting market. SBS Media Group, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is proud to have been a part of BCM’s progress. It is a great pleasure for our group to have been able to introduce our content every May in Busan, a city of culture. Just like our group’s catchphrase ‘Together, we make Delight’, may BCM together with SBS Media group flourish even more in ‘Dynamic Busan’ and become a world-famous market.”

-Mr. Dong-Wook Shin

President & CEO, SBS Content Hub Co.,Ltd.


“Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of Busan Contents Market. As a representative of Korea Broadcasting Professional Association I would like to compliment BCM for its remarkable growth over the years. Busan Contents Market has contributed to the broadcasting industry of Korea as well as globally. We are looking forward to future developments of BCM and the next 10 years.”

-Han Sung Chang

President, Korea Broadcasting Professional Association


“Congratulation BCM for 10 years of successful growth. Cheers to another 10 more incredible years ahead!”

-Linfield Ng

Director Format Sales Liaison, NBC Universal


“Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of Busan Contents Market. Busan Contents Market has a good variety of valuable programmes in the broadcast content industry. We are grateful that BCM has contributed to the development of the animation industry. We certainly hope the content market will experience progress and global recognition.”

-G.P. Jeong

Chairman, Korea Animation Industry Association


“This year has marked BCM’s 10th Anniversary. We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt graduate to everyone in the BCM committee for their hard work over the years. We are glad to be part of BCM the committee continued success.”

-Jojo Wong

Director of Sales and Marketing, Cheers Media