A year after acquisition of Medi-Lan by BTI Studios, both companies will officially operate as BTI Studios from April 2016. The two companies celebrated this new era for a new BTI Studios with a party during Hong Kong FILMART. More events are expected after the official name change in April.

The acquisition announced in April 2015 brought a partnership that offered a variety of media solutions to different media companies, especially those of subtitling, dubbing and more.

The name change is a formal recognition of the success of the merger, as the two companies have worked together on many major projects, among them the launch of a number of DreamWorks TV series and specials, such as The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda Holiday and Madly Madagascar, dubbed into Bahasa, Cantonese and Mandarin. BTI Studios and Medi-Lan have also completed projects for Netflix, including subtitling of programmes such as Shameless, Doc Martin and Peep Show into simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.

All Medi-Lan’s personnel, led by the founder Torun Chakrabarty, along with Eric Wong and K.C. Sek, continue to run a business that boasts a presence throughout Asia, including Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, as well as its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company’s client base includes such household names as Sony, Disney, Discovery, Turner Broadcasting, HBO, NHK and Phoenix.