PRIORITY Market2015

The vibrant Busan Contents Market has done exceeding well since its inauguration in 2007. Nobody then expected the second largest city of South Korea, Busan to take serious interest in the television and film industry, though the location has been the venue for several shoots by renowned producers. History has it that the event actually originated from another festival called ‘Digital Culture & Art Festival (DICAF)’ sponsored by the City of Busan way back in 2005 and was renamed to Busan Contents Market from 2007. With a mere 229 companies from 18 nations, the festival kicked-off the first year at the Grand Hotel located along Haeundae Beach.

Today, the internationally acclaimed Busan Contents Market has come a long way to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the market this year with programmes consisting of seven categories with 18 individual major events lined to mark the start of its next stage of development. The content market will be followed by a variety of events including BCM Forum – Asian Next Generation Contents Seminar, BCM Academy, BCM Market+, BCM Pitching, MIP Academy – BCM2016 Global Contents Producer Academy, Biz Marching and others. There will be a huge segment focusing on formats and co-productions in the documentary, animation and mobile genre for this year’s Busan Contents Market.

The highly devoted sponsors of the festival include the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Metropolitan City of Busan. As the market opens its doors this year on 11-13 May, it will continue with its ongoing official slogan ‘BCM – New Contents, New Network’.

Last year, the content market saw a remarkable record attendance of 2,000 buyers and sellers participating from 554 companies who came from 45 countries. Recorded sales generated during the market reached a new height of US $93.57 million with numerous coproduction deals concluded, leading to other developments and join promotions. There was also a surge in drama production houses at the market focusing on drama sales while other genres including animations, documentaries, mobile and UHD titles saw enormous interest from participants.

MIP Academy made its debut last year and will return in full force this year. BCM2015 Global Contents Producer Academy premiered in conjunction with France’s Reed MIDEM, attracting some 200 attendees. The academy session attracted the largest number of participants including media students who were amused by the globally renowned key note speakers which included names like Avi Armoza CEO Amoza Formats, Glenn Sims SVP Content & Production, Fremantle Indonesia, Jinwoo Hwang Head of Formats Development CJ E&M, Sabrina Duguet SVP International Formats Sales, All3media International and many more.

This year, BCM2016 Global Contents Producer Academy will return for the second time with a different session. From 2011, Asian Next Generation Contents Seminar has been taking place every year among production and content experts from three nations – primarily Korea, China and Japan to further promote the content industry.