Paris, France and Berlin, Germany – For the second year, Ms. Laurence Herszberg, general director of Forum des Images and founder of Series Mania, announced today that the Series Mania Co-Production Forum (Series Mania) and the Berlinale Co-Production Market (Berlinale), have once again formed a partnership agreement surrounding Berlinale’s Drama Series Days.

As part of the partnership, Series Mania and Berlinale have set up a “Project Exchange”, whereby one project pitched at Series Mania is invited to pitch again in Berlin, and, in return, Series Mania will invite a Berlinale project to pitch in Paris as part of its Co-Production Forum. The Danish drama series DNA, which was selected in April 2015 at last year’s Co-Production Forum, was pitched earlier today during the Drama Series Days. The project chosen in Berlin today and to be presented in Paris in April 2016 is a Canadian project called THE ILLEGAL.