August – September 2016

Editor's Note

  • Will sports rights bubble burst?

    Over the past decade, television broadcasters have bet that DVR-proof live sports will remain highly profitable, and shelled out tens of billions of dollars to acquire broadcast rights to the NFL, NBA, MLB, EPL, Olympics, World Cup, college football and basketball, and all other sports imaginable. Fox, CBS, and NBC all created sports-only cable channels, and the Longhorn Network, SEC Network, Big 10 Network, and Pac-12 Network were all launched.… Read More

The Edge

  • Global Video Index

    The Millennials are changing the viewing patterns across many devices; according to analysts. They are the cord never, the mobile-first generation and former pirates driving this global phenomenon. And this is almost universal across many regions – essentially the same – at least when it comes to mobile devices and the video they watch on them. Millennials are a distinctly global generation, sharing more similarities than generations before them, and they’re driving us to a digital homogeneity that is distinctly mobile. Ooyala’s Keith Budge, Vice President and General Manager, Asia-Pacific and Japan shares his views in this global video index with Television Asia.… Read More

  • 4K UHD - Getting from Risk to Reward

    Satellite and Cable TV providers may currently be in the best position to roll out UHD content distribution in terms of bandwidth and sustained image quality says Bruce Curtin, Technical Solution Manager, Irdeto.… Read More

  • Primetime on Toggle

    What started off as a mere catch-up TV is today a leading online video-streaming platform people are flocking to. Anil Nihalani, Head of Connected Media at Mediacorp, has been working on this project since 2014, sourcing for programmes, cutting innovative deals with internal/external vendors and content suppliers, breaking down windows and creating new ones and, most recently, commissioning Toggle original programming for comedy, thriller and drama, in both short form and long form. K. Dass slice-down Toggle’s developments.… Read More

  • The perfect mix of entertainment

    intuiTV delivers the best of television and internet TV, enabling pay-TV providers to reach a new generation of viewers while giving subscribers an all-in-one 4K viewing experience that gives them greater variety and choice. It is offered to pay-TV operators as a managed cloud-based platform they can configure with a full line-up of premium content and advanced TV services including Live TV, VOD, SVOD, PVR, social TV and more via an innovative streaming device and touch-screen remote-control. Simon Trudelle, NAGRA’s Senior Product Marketing Director sums up intuiTV offerings to K. Dass.… Read More

Country Focus

  • Video streaming gaining popularity in Taiwan

    Taiwan’s media scene has changed significantly since the beginning of the internet era. According to Nielsen Taiwan, only 18% of its population had access to the internet daily in 2000. But by 2015, 79% of its population of 23.3 million are connected. Television still remains the most popular platform for receiving news, but this viewership has declined from 93% to 88% in 2000. Still, pay-TV is increasingly saturated with the focus shifted to more on-demand services.… Read More

  • Korean IPTV to exceed US$7 billion by 2020

    South Korea’s never-ending repertoire of Korean drama never fails to bring multitudes of audiences to their screens. Its pay-TV’s continuous growth in IPTV is flourishing, with an expected exceed revenue of US$7 billion by 2020. … Read More


  • The Next Generation Of Asian digital content

    The digital content boom is driving demand for Asian digital creators across all genres. K.Dass asks leading television and internet executives how the markets are changing and what works best in the streaming space … Read More

  • Sports content: the evolution, cost and popularity

    Sports fans– get ready to shell out more dollars to watch your favourite teams battle on TV. Well, you’re going to pay more if you want to get traditional television service or internet service from a cable, satellite or telco provider because it's the way the industry is structured. But what is the endgame for the ever-evolving business of sports television? Who will give in: content providers, distributors or the common fan? K. Dass examines the multi-billion dollar questions.… Read More

  • Platform for industry deliberation

    Content Tokyo has been a successful platform for delegates and visitors to discuss and examine the latest technologies impacting the industry.… Read More

CEO Profile

  • Modern Time’s Jorgen

    Given the economics of broadcasting today, a broadcaster must do more than produce shows that satisfy audience. The quest these days is to make hits that can be exported, available on multiple platforms, localise content and generate additional revenue. As Jorgen Madsen Lindemann, President & CEO of Modern Times Group MTG AB, a Stockholm-based and OMX Nasdaq listed global digital video entertainment group, maintains, his first master to be served: quality content. K. Dass reports.… Read More

  • Kiwi channel’s Roger Wyllie

    New Zealand’s Rialto channel debuts in 11 countries in the region with an estimated reach of 186 million households by 2017. Rialto’s Director, Roger Wyllie said the new documentary channel will comprise approximately 20 per cent New Zealand content with the rest coming from the U.S., Britain and Asia, along with local content from the region. K. Dass reports.… Read More

  • Seeking the next big thing

    BBC’s David Weiland, responsible for worldwide businesses across Asia - India, China, Northeast Asia - Japan, Korea and the whole of Southeast Asia tells K. Dass about the new BBC Player. A new authenticated multi-genre SVOD service that will allow viewers to watch the very best BBC programmes anytime, anywhere online, as well as via an app on their smartphones and tablets.… Read More

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