Cisco has unveiled its new Infinite suite of cloudpowered video solutions; Infinite Video will launch by the end of 2015, and Infinite Home will be available early 2016. The new solutions will offer full-featured linear, on-demand, and cloud DVR video experiences.

The Cisco Infinite portfolio will operate across the entire range of delivery models, be it OTT or managed, and whether cable, satellite, wireline or wireless delivery. Being cloudpowered, the new technology allows service providers, broadcasters and media companies to utilise one cloud to deliver an outstanding TV experience to multiple screens on any access network.

Infinite enables rationalisation for service providers with multiple goto- market approaches. Furthermore, the orchestration capabilities of the technology allows these providers to leverage on the operational benefits of controlling and managing legacy equipment in addition to new virtualised services, all through a multi-vendor environment. Cisco will be able to offer both hosted and onpremise solutions.

Cisco is also changing its business model for its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to a consumptionbased model; where customers pay for what they use when they use it. For service providers, this means that there will be lesser risk when stepping into new services.

The Infinite solutions will give users greater flexibility in their choice of operating their business, with a hosted service offering. “Our Agile and DevOps processes mean that we’re able to provide new features and functionality very quickly,” says Dr. Ken Morse, CTO of Video Software and Solutions.

With Infinite solutions, it will only take 90 days to launch a new video service, minutes rather than months to activate service enhancements, and more frequent software updates and feature enhancements. The solutions are pre-integrated to significantly minimise time and to use open-source components to offer open APIs; translating into faster integration and customisation.