RTL CBS Asia’s Jonas Engwall

How high-performing companies are finding opportunities for growth. By K. Dass.

CEO Profile Managing Asia-Pacific

What has been the strategy for RTL CBS Asia’s growth?

Jonas: We are creating strong content destinations for Asian audiences with our two channels, RTL CBS Entertainment HD and RTL CBS Extreme HD by using a 360-degree content delivery strategy – making our first and exclusive content available on any device at any time express from the U.S. or U.K. We focus on quality over quantity and from the beginning, we focused 100% on a 360-degree content approach, making all our content available via all access including traditional linear through the set-top-box, catch-up VOD, mobile and internet simulcast / catch up VOD. Another way of looking at our strategy is, to deliver the best content and ensure that we match the requirements of today’s savvy consumers’ viewing habits.

We have entered a very crowded market place and well aware that we have to endeavour to do better than the competition. Today, I’m happy to announce that we have been noticed by the industry and audiences alike. We are laser-focused on being creative and to think out-of-the box. One of our greatest achievements was the concurrent launch of House of Cards season 3 in the United States and Asia on the same day/date with all episodes back-to-back and fully subtitled in all our key market languages. This was the first time in the world, outside the U.S. such a massive workflow was accomplished on a linear channel which quickly became the talk-of-thetown and very much appreciated by operators and partners.

As a network, we are proud to have extended our footprint in a record short time – 18 territories in 18 months.

What titles have you been highlighting this year and why these hits?

Jonas: House of Cards is one of our tent poles. It has become a hit series around the world and we’re very proud to have brought it first and exclusive to audiences in Asia. We launched season 3 on the same day/ date of U.S. release with a marathon viewing of all 13 episodes. The series was also aired through the traditional weekly episodes to satisfy audience appetite.

RTL CBS Entertainment HD is now the home to the top awards shows. We have a full line-up beginning in November with the American Music Awards and it goes into the New Year with the Golden Globe Awards, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Billboard Music Awards and the Critics’ Choice TV Awards. All the awards shows are ‘live’ with a prime time encore on the same day!

We have also brought in the biggest summer hits, Under The Dome and Extant, express from the U.S. In September, we launched the highlyanticipated new action-drama series, Limitless which Academy Award nominee, Bradley Cooper is executive producer and guest star.

RTL CBS Entertainment HD is also the destination for late night talk shows. We just launched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Late Late Show with the hilarious James Corden. On RTL CBS Extreme HD, we have the MMA-themed action series Kingdom starring Nick Jonas. Season 2 is coming to viewers in Asia in October express from the US. We also brought Halo: Nightfall, the TV movie based on the popular game. We’re very excited about the Wesley Snipes series, The Player, coming to the Channel in November.

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