Japan Content Showcase (JCS) will take place in Odaiba, Tokyo from 20 to 22 October. This year, JCS marks the 4th year of holding the multi-content market featuring music, films and animation through TIFFCOM (content market held jointly with the Tokyo International Film Festival), TIMM (Tokyo International Music Market) and TIAF (Tokyo International Anime Festival).

Welcoming 24 countries and regions, 343 organizations (332 in 2014) will be joining the market; a record high in JCS history. Majority of the international exhibitors are from Korea, Taiwan and Cambodia.The number of exhibitors from China, Korea and ASEAN countries has also increased.

As for buyers, JCS achieved the highest records in number and variety throughout their history; the numbers have jumped up to approximately 1,400 and countries and regions have increased from 39 to 49. Welcoming first-timers from Azerbaijan, Greece, Sri Lanka and Peru, the number of buyers shows a significant growth, fuelled by approximately 60% upsurge from Europe and North America.