London –  FremantleMedia International (FMI) has completed a deal with drama producer, Kudos which will see the distributor take the global distribution rights to the new drama Capital (3 x 60’). A witty, vivid and sharply observant drama, Capital is based on the critically-acclaimed bestselling novel by John Lanchester, the series has been adapted by award-winning screenwriter Peter Bowker for BBC One in the UK.


Set on a single street in South London, Capital is a compelling portrayal of the interconnected lives of a diverse group of Londoners. But all is not as it seems.

Targeted by a mysterious hate campaign, each of the residents of Pepys Road receives an anonymous postcard through their front doors bearing the menacing message: “We Want What You Have”. Who is behind the campaign and what do they want?

The diverse dwellers of Pepys Road include investment banker Roger (Toby Jones) who is eagerly anticipating his £1m bonus, his spendthrift wife Arabella (Rachael Stirling), Polish builder Bogdan (Radoslaw Kaim) who works on the houses in the street, Quentina the Zimbabwean refugee with a PhD who works as a traffic warden (Wunmi Mosaku), local newsagent Ahmed (Adeel Akhtar) and the elderly Petunia (Gemma Jones), who has lived her entire life on Pepys Road, and is now contemplating death in the house in which she was born.