Universal Pictures International (UPI) Korea has chosen to partner with Branded Mini-Games to promote their movie Pixels in Korea. Using the Branded Mini-Games platform, UPI Korea will employ a customised, signature mini-game to create interest and hype in the marketing and promotions for the Hollywood movie. Due for its United States release in July, the movie is headlined by leading Hollywood stars including Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Peter Dinklage.  

Pixels is a film by Sony Pictures and released by UPI in South Korea. Pixels is a story about aliens intercepting video feeds of classic arcade games from earth and misreading them as a declaration of war, leading to an invasion of earth using these arcade games as models. In the movie, the United States President has to enlist the help of a ragtag team consisting of veteran arcade game players and a military strategist to fend off the aliens and save the planet.

“This is a milestone for Branded Mini-Games as it validates the power and success of Advergames in brand building, marketing and promotions. This is a perfect fit as Advergames are an ideal platform to promote movies, particularly one based on video games,” said Massoud Loodin, Head of Business, M-BIZ Global.

The Branded Mini-Games platform is the ideal channel for UPI to promote the movie through engaging and interacting with consumers by incorporating elements of the story line with classic arcade games, educating and reminding viewers of their childhood and younger days.