Mumbai − As the Indian national cricket team embarks on a new journey to Zimbabwe with #TheNewBlue led by Ajinkya Rahane, Ten Sports unveiled the new Network Logo at the stroke of midnight on 10 July.

The network launch is the first phase of the branding exercise where all existing channels are consolidated under the umbrella of Ten Sports Network. A new identity has been created for the network logo which was revealed at the first hour of 10 July.

The new network logo flaunts the elements of speed and dynamism which is reflected from the sporty font style, while retaining the flame as a leitmotif that had stayed with the channel from the very beginning. The logo launch reflects a fresh identity and builds an instant youth connect with the brand.  The behaviours of sports watching audience who are trendy and youthful in nature have evolved over the years and it becomes crucial for us to be in sync with the audience. Hence the new network logo binds the new coming of age sports watching audience with the new network branding activity.

Fresh idents have been developed to communicate the launch to the sports fans with the storyline of genesis to victory which is true to any sports event. The entire ident with its versions showed players in readiness, inter spread with playing instruments like football/cricket ball/bat forming and the player then hitting it out. The end showed the moments of adulation as very popular winning poses were recreated. The fire of the flame was an overlaid element and knits the whole ident with passion and energy.

Speaking on the occasion the global CEO Mr. Rajesh Sethi said, “It is a step forward in consolidating all the channels under one uniform network and project the organisation value to strive further, break new grounds, surpass our limits and achieve the unattained. The belief is articulated in our new network logo design which is synonymous to all kinds of sports and its belief of genesis to victory and the idents and new design was developed completely by the internal team.”