BBC Worldwide France announced a new commission of Raise the Roof Productions’ format Fill Your House for Free for French network France 2.

This is the first international sale of the format which is set to be renamed Atelier Deco. In the UK it ranked within Channel 4’s top five highest rated Lifestyle programmes in 2013.

Confirmed to be hosting Atelier Deco is interior decorator Aurélie Hémar, widely known for the real-estate makeover series Maison à Vendre (House for Sale) and Ma Maison est la plus Originale (My House is the Most Original).

In Atelier Deco Aurélie Hémar meets families whose homes are in need of a makeover but are short on money to transform their property.  Aurélie will show that with a little imagination and an open mind they can update their homes by transforming, diverting or restoring their old furniture.