Zodiak Kids announced that it will produce a new 52 x11’ animated series for Lagardère’s Gulli in France and DeAgostini’s Super in Italy. Zodiak Kids Studios is set to co-produce Magiki with DeAgostini Publishing, Asian studio Animasia in Malaysia, Rainbow in Italy (the producer of The Winx Club) and Planeta in Spain. Magiki is based on a range of figurines produced by DeAgostini and sold in blind bags in kiosks across Europe. It was launched in 2009 and is made up of 11 collections of 120 characters based on the Magiki world with over 17 million products sold to date.

The 52 x 11’ series will start production this summer for delivery in 2016/2017. It will be produced by Télé Images Productions, one of Zodiak Kids Studios French production companies

Magiki is for a target age range of 4-7 year olds and tells the story of what happens when a little girl in the everyday world steps into a world where she is the princess, not because of a birthright, but because of what’s in her heart.  The series focuses on the adventures of a girl named Ginger who, with a magic key, enters into a magical kingdom populated by animals, mermaids, unicorns, and elves.  These subjects depend upon Ginger’s compassion and judgment, even if it is sometimes flawed, to bring stability to an otherwise silly kingdom.

The production will be overseen by Eryk Casemiro, Chief Creative Officer Zodiak Kids Studios, and Benoît Runel, Managing Director for Zodiak Kids Studios France. Executive Producers for Animasia are Edmund Chan, Managing Director, and Raye Lee, Executive Director of Animasia Studio.