Mumbai – Videocon d2h has further strengthened its bouquet of HD channels and services − with the addition of TLC HD Channel, Videocon d2h now has 35 HD Channels and services. These channels have superior picture clarity, giving more depth and sharpness to the picture, crystal-clear digital quality picture and HD digital quality sound.

The 35 HD Channels and services available on Videocon d2h include India’s first & only DTH 4K Ultra HD Channel. The availability of a vast array of HD Channels on Videocon d2h has been one of the reasons for the tremendous growth of Videocon d2h. With the flat panel TVs being widely accepted and their consumption increasing, this is the ideal time for increased HD channel viewing. With strong demand for high-definition content, Videocon d2h has continued to add more HD channels and will soon offer 50 HD channels and services.

Mr. Saurabh Dhoot Executive Director Videocon d2h said, “We at Videocon d2h believe in giving our viewers the finest quality content to transform their television viewing experience. The rich quality video of HD Channels makes viewing a delight, and it is our honest endeavour to provide maximum content in HD. The TV viewing experience in India is set for an upgrade, and Videocon d2h is ready for the same with its innovative technology and quality services.”

Mr. Anil Khera CEO Videocon d2h said, “Videocon d2h believes in offering our customers the most premium content, and with 35 HD channels and services, we are working towards delivering more than expected. Our subscribers can enjoy a wide range of high-definition channels of various genres like sports, movies, entertainment, infotainment and music. This promise of giving the best channels and services across genres has built trust for Videocon d2h.”