International Emmy winner Precious Pearl will premiere on the Omni channel. It will go on air on the time slot traditionally dedicated to Brazilian telenovelas.

Precious Pearl

The beautiful Precious Pearl, which tells a story of love between working-class Amelia (Bianca Bin, ‘The Enchanted Tale’) and millionaire Franz Hauser (Bruno Gagliasso, ‘The Enchanted Tale’), and little Pearl, the couple’s daughter, has already conquered the international market. Channels Telemundo (USA), Teledoce (Uruguay), Armenia Public TV (Armenia), TV5 (Mongolia), and media group EPG (South Korea), among others, have also placed a bet on the ability of the telenovela to delight their audiences.

Precious Pearl has cinematic scenes recorded in the Himalayas and exquisite period sets and costumes, which contribute to the unique atmosphere of the plot that takes place in the 1930’s and 1940’s. In Brazil, the telenovela was seen by over 26 million people per day (source: Ibope). ‘Precious Pearl’ also fared well in Portugal. Aired by the Globo basic channel, the telenovela constantly ranked among the 5 most watched cable TV shows in the country (source: GFK).