Globo has just licensed, to channel Las Viet, four captivating and engaging shows that promise to delight the Vietnamese − Precious Pearl, Helena’s Shadow, Brazil Avenue, and The Life We Lead. Soon, the Pay-TV channel will debut a slot with only telenovelas from Globo, and the first title to be chosen was The Life We Lead. The channel is targeted toward female audiences, and all the Brazilian shows will be dubbed in Vietnamese.

The beautiful Precious Pearl depicts the love between working-class Amélia (Bianca Bin, The Enchanted Tale) and millionaire Franz (Bruno Gagliasso, The Enchanted Tale), which brings the world Pérola (Mel Maia, Brazil Avenue), who is capable of harmonising serious conflicts which get in the way of her parents’ love. The 2014 Emmy-winner has great actors, beautiful scenes in the Himalayas, and an impeccable historical reconstitution – the telenovela takes place in the 1930s and 40s. In Brazil, the programme attained 21 rating points, a 46% share on Globo’s Access Prime Time, and reached more than 26 million people per day (Source: Ibope). In Portugal, on the Basic Globo channel, the programme was among the 5 most-watched programmes on cable TV in the country daily (Source: GFK). In Asia, the programme has already been licensed to the EPG media group, from South Korea, and also to TV5, the largest broadcast channel in Mongolia.

Helena’s Shadow, a telenovela by the renowned Manoel Carlos, author of Pages of Life, and Seize the Day, is another of Globo’s highlights for the market. The show has already been licensed to the Mongolian channel TV5, and to SIC, in Portugal, where it was among the 20 most-watched programmes in the country. (Source: GFK). In Helena’s Shadow, encounters and farewells are part of the lives of cousins Laerte (Gabriel Braga Nunes, Irrational Heart) and Helena (Julia Lemmertz, Looks & Essence). On their wedding day, Laerte’s obsessive jealousy separates him from Helena. Twenty years later, he meets Luiza (Bruna Marquezine, Brave Woman), daughter of his former lover. The two falls in love and that profoundly affects Helena’s marriage and her relationship with her daughter, who ends up repeating the same mistakes from her mother’s past. The show was aired in Brazil during primetime and it reached 44 million people per day (Source: Ibope).

Licensed to more than 100 countries, The Life We Lead is the moving story of sisters Ana (Fernanda Vasconcellos, Pages of Life) and Manuela (Marjorie Estiano, Empire), who deal with tragedy and find paths that lead to happiness. Filmed in HD, with careful photography and beautiful scenes in Brazil and Argentina, The Life We Lead won over audiences in Brazil and abroad. In Uruguay (Teledoce), Costa Rica (Teletica) and Ecuador (Ecuavisa) the telenovela was leader in its timeslot. Europe has also surrendered to the beautiful production. In Portugal, on the Basic Globo channel, the show was one of the most-watched programmes on cable TV in the country. The Life We Lead also had its rights acquired by the channels Fox (the Netherlands), MundoFox (hispanic United States), TDM (Macau), VIVA Plus (Israel), Abu Dhabi TV, and ABS-CBN (the Philippines), among others.