Sunday night, May 24th, Globo was the recipient of the Merit and Excellence Award of the XX Globos de Ouro, attributed to a person or entity that stands out due to their performance in the arts and entertainment business. Hosted by Portuguese broadcaster SIC, the Globos de Ouro annually awards the Portuguese performers that stood out the most in television, sports, fashion, theater, music, and cinema.

Globo was chosen due to its importance in the world of television, its track record, and its impact on Portuguese society. In the year in which Globo celebrates its 50th anniversary, José Roberto Marinho, Social Responsibility Vice-President for Grupo Globo and President of the Roberto Marinho Foundation, received the award from Francisco Pinto Balsemão, SIC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“On behalf of my family and Globo’s professionals, represented here by Lima Duarte and Lilia Cabral, I thank SIC and Portugal for this award. Working at Globo is very gratifying, it allows us to enrich peoples’ lives and that is a such an interesting experience,” said José Roberto Marinho, who thanked his father in particular: “I wanted to share this award and pay tribute to my father, who founded Globo 50 years ago at the age of 60. I hope I possess the kind of energy my father did, to work until I’m 90,” he added.

Globo has been a part of Portuguese society since 1977, when the first telenovela, ‘Gabriela,’ was aired in the country and quickly became a huge hit captivating audiences. Since then, many other stories have entered Portuguese homes daily, totaling over one hundred Globo telenovelas aired in Portugal, such as ‘Roque Santeiro,’ ‘Tieta,’ ‘Sassaricando,’ ‘The King of the Cattle,’ and, more recently, ‘Brazil Avenue’ and ‘Trail of Lies.’

To Ricardo Scalamandré, Globo’s Head of International Business, the award tightens the successful partnership between the broadcaster and SIC even further. “Our presence in Portugal for almost 40 years and our partnership with SIC of over 20 years are a part of Globo’s 50 year history. And to celebrate it with this Merit and Excellence award is a source of great pride for all of us. As Dr. Balsemão said, when delivering the award, beyond a successful partnership, there is a solid friendship and great mutual respect and the desire to  continue building the future together in Portugal,” said the executive that attended the party along with Raphael Corrêa Netto, the broadcaster’s Executive Director of International Business, and Ricardo Pereira, Globo’s Director in Portugal.

Lima Duarte and Lilia Cabral 

Credit: TV Globo 

Actors Lima Duarte and Lilia Cabral, beloved by the Portuguese audience, were also in attendance and went on stage to deliver the Best Play/Performance Award in the Theater category. Lilia Cabral graces Portuguese screens as Maria Marta in the telenovela ‘Empire,’ currently aired by SIC.