The channel has now been launched in over twelve countries across Latin America and Asia and poised for significant expansion in 2015 with over 6 new countries being finalised currently.

David Haslingden with ZooMoo’s Piglet and Flash

Not only is the channel seeing exponential growth in viewers, it is also being lauded for its companion ZooMoo App, winning seals of approval from some of the world’s most prestigious critics of quality children’s media.

CEO of ZooMoo Networks David Haslingden says the channel’s seamless international spread is due to its universal appeal. “Young children around the world have a natural affection and interest in animals – but until ZooMoo there were no channels that offered children content about animals that were specifically designed for them.”

But ZooMoo is more than just a channel. “Our audience may be young, but they already know about digital technology so ZooMoo was designed from inception to be fully synchronized with a second screen App. We want to maximise the interactivity of the channel, as well as enhance the potential for learning about animals, and so far the App has seen unprecedented success,” Haslingden said.