Los Angeles  Rive Gauche Television will debut five new series at MIPTV 2015 including Am I A Boy Or Girl (10×30), Where Cool Came From (20×30), Amazing Dog Tales (10×30) and The Secrets of the Dog Park (1×60).  Rive Gauche has also acquired Kevin Dundon’s Back to Basics (8×30) from MTY Productions.

Am I A Boy or Girl (10×30)

From the exact moment of our birth we are all assigned a gender, Boy or Girl. But for 1 person in 1000, things are not so simple.  Am I a boy or a girl takes viewers on a highly entertaining, first-person journey inside the world of people ‘gender-trapped’ in their own bodies.  Each of our 10 stories is unique, inspiring, entertaining and real.

Where Cool Came From (20×30)

What is “Cool” anyway? And why do certain fads and fashions appear and re-appear throughout the course of time?  The original series Where cool came from explores all things “Cool” in an entertaining journey that looks at current design, architecture, fashion and fads from the influences of yester-year through today.  From the ancient arts of tattooing, to coffee, brew making and cars, captivating host Dave LeBlanc looks at the history and evolution of all things “Cool”.

Amazing Dog Tales (10×30)

Amazing Dog Tales celebrates our best friend and how the rise of dog culture has taken over our daily lives – at work and at play.  From the enlightening to the wacky and heartfelt, revealing the fascinating and often outrageous world of doggie and human interaction, both in and out of the dog park.