Hong Kong, China – Poman Lo, the Hong Kong-based international entrepreneur and creator of the children’s property Bodhi and Friends, has been awarded the 2015 Oslo Business for Peace Award by the Business for Peace Foundation.  Lo is the first woman from Greater China to be honoured with this award.

Lo, who is also Group Managing Director of Regal Hotels International, is founder of Century Innovative Technology Limited, the media company developing interactive games, digital, mobile and television content for children. CIT’s flagship property, Bodhi and Friends, is designed to entertain young children while fostering academic and social development.

The Bodhi and Friends television series, which airs daily in China, reaches 1.5 million viewers every week. Since its premiere, Bodhi and Friends has aired on over 120 major channels and portals in China, with an estimated 350 million viewers. Following the success of the TV show, Lo launched Bodhiworld.com. Combining education, entertainment, and technology, the website integrates educational games, intelligence assessment, and multimedia content. Her goal is to provide equal access to quality education so that children are empowered through knowledge.