The psychological thriller series Merciless, one of the highlights that Globo showed on the MIPTV 2015, has been licensed for the South Korean media group EPG, a traditional partner of Globo in Asia.

The plot of Merciless revolves around serial killer Edu (Bruno Gagliasso, The Enchanted Tale). To all those around him, Edu is just a handsome, intelligent, articulate, and sensitive man. However, he is unable to feel compassion or empathy for anything or anyone. He kills for sheer pleasure. Written by award-winning Glória Perez (The Clone), the drama series also features the emotionally unstable Ray (Débora Falabella, Brazil Avenue) − a sensitive, hard-working fashion professional that raises her daughter alone. Ray sees in Edu the embodiment of the ideal man, without suspecting his double identity. And Edu sees in her the perfect alibi.

In Brazil, the series recorded ratings of 15 points and 37% share, reaching over 22 million viewers per day.